Purchase Literature Online

Groups wishing to purchase literature should: 

  1. CLICK HERE TO OPEN LITERATURE FORM – (When you open it, you will be asked “Do you want to make a copy?” Select “yes”, as this will allow you to make your own individual copy of the form that you can edit/write in.
  2. FILL OUT THE FORM – (you can do this on the computer, or you can print it and fill it out manually).
  3. MAKE PAYMENT FIRST – Send form AND payment to treasurer (bmcgrath128@gmail.com). Make sure you indicate who the literature is for (i.e. individual person, group, etc.) on the form.
  4. SEND FORM TO LITERATURE CHAIR – (gholland620@yahoo.com ) and Greg will contact you to arrange pickup of literature. You’ll have the option of meeting up with Greg at a pickup location, or going to MaryJean’s house at a designated time.

* You have 3 options for filling out and sending the form. Choose the one that works best for you:

  1. Fill out and send ONLINE – Type in your order. When you are done, click “Share” in the upper righthand corner of the form and email to bmcgrath128@gmail.com & gholland620@yahoo.com.
  2. Fill out manually and EMAIL – Print out form and fill it out. Scan the form (there are free scanning apps like “CamScan”). Email form to bmcgrath128@gmail.com & gholland620@yahoo.com
  3. Fill out manually and FAX – Print out the form and fill it out. Fax to Greg – (914-257-1083). You also have to find a way to make sure the form gets to the treasurer (bmcgrath128@gmail.com

The order form can be found at the following link: